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Whether you are faced with making a speech at a wedding or other function, presenting to your colleagues, training, or presenting to build your business, the outcome of your speech or presentation is important to you Ö and to others!


I work with you to ensure you achieve the outcomes you want from your public speaking.


Together we can develop the speech or presentation to your own individual style, create strategies to practice it, and then work to successful presentation.




wedding_party.jpgFunctions, Special Occasion and Celebrations e.g. Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christenings

I will work with you to ensure your speeches fit easily into the flow of the day, the way you planned it, and support what you want to achieve.   Together we will identify what is each personís unique contribution to this occasion and these people.   They will want to have their own special way of adding to the occasion, and the memories.



Public speaking is one of the most important tools in a business/entrepreneur's toolkit.

Public speaking can build your client base, promote your product and make or break your sales.

Public Speaking is my forte.  I have been coaching, training and speaking for over 30 years.  Let me bring the skills of public speaking to you - the skills that will enhance and build your business the way you know that they can. 


Public speaking skills are important tools in training and presenting to clients.

Public speaking can build your client base, promote your services and make or break your training

I am a librarian, an associate of the ALIA, and have worked in special, public and school libraries over more than 30 years.  Public Speaking is my other forte.  Let me share the skills of public speaking with you, fellow librarians.  I know what a sterling job we all do, and  - these skills can only enhance that.


Contact me at to discuss the best package for your needs.

My speaking/training/coaching topics include:

  • How to Write a great speech

  • Keeping your cool and presenting with confidence- overcome those nerves

  • Speak with impact - creating the WOW

  • How to create a speech to influence

  • Getting the power back from PowerPoint

  • Taking control of your paper avalanche



  • Social Media 101 - using social media for fun, profit and not-for-profit

  • How to market without sounding like an advertisement

  • How to harness the power of Twitter and the Backchannel in your presentations

  • Time Management for the right-brained

  • Make your meetings work for you

These topics can be presented as keynotes, as 2 hour/morning or full day training.

Or I offer coaching for you and your team in how to create, practise and deliver presentations

Please contact me for rates of pay and how I can customise to suit your needs.