perform better when someone watching than on own

someone there for you

people benefir from your better performance

learn new strategies, get unblocked or unstuck, reevaluate  eliefs or values

take ownership of own improvement, there is the power

"Coaching started in the business world to help stressed out executives cope with their professional and personal lives, and it still thrives in the corporate environment. But, increasingly, individuals are turning to coaches for help with every sort of problem."
- Boston Globe

"Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another."
- British Journal of Administrative Management
I just hired a new coach and I am really jazzed. The process of choosing my coach and of becoming clear on what I want from this relationship has so invigorated me that I felt I had realized the full value of my first monthís fees before our first session.

I told this to a fried, who expressed some surprise that I would "need" a coach. "I donít need him," I responded, "I'm ready for him!" We expect championship athletes and opera singers to have a coach, why not championship managers or mothers or gardeners? The very traits that caused my friend to question my need for coaching are the basis for the value I will create from the investment. The fact that I am already highly motivated, disciplined, organized and happy is all the more reason to be excited about coaching: I am ready for more of the same, and I can almost taste it.

As I reflect on all I have gained in the course of coaching and being coached, I am more aware than ever that the more equipped I am to grow and thrive, the more I can benefit from coaching. My simple equation is this: coaching doubles my effectiveness and halves my effort. I can go for that.

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